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The La Mode team recently  attended a conference with some international  Fashion Buyers of  and New York Department Store Bergdorf Goodman–  at Mercedes Fashion Week!
 (These two fashion retailers are heavy weights in the industry and would be any designers dream to be stocked in these online/ brick and motor stores!)
These two buyers shared their insider secrets of  how they select fashion brands they purchase and stock in their retail operations….. (any designers dream!)
So- if you would like to know how to get your fashion label/ designs  picked up by a reputable international retailer,  here are a few golden tips below….

Top Tips to Get Your Line Picked Up By a Fashion Buyer

What is the most important thing designers should keep in mind when designing a range they hope will be picked up by a fashion retail buyer?

Bergdorf Buyer: ” Having brand individuality.  We would like to see  something different from the brands that we currently stock.   Also- deliver on time!   Buyers hate when stock is late- and its the number one disappointment when stocking new labels.”
Matches Fashion Buyer: “Brand ‘DNA’  is really important.  Each brand needs to have a ‘point of view’ as a label, and a story that is unique to them. Also- delivering stock on time! We have sales targets each month as buyers, and its really hard to sell stock when it hasn’t arrived.  We forward plan for certain stock to be in editorial for certain times of year, and if the stock/ product hasn’t arrived,  it effects the marketing and sales performance. That’s why it is so important for brands to have integrity around delivery windows.”

As a Fashion Buyer What do you look for in a Fashion Label ?

Bergdorf Buyer: “Social following is important,  as well as high quality imagery.  In terms of design, there needs to be a good mix between commercial pieces and creativity.  We also really value the designer behind the brand.  We love to see and meet with the designer.  We invest in the designer as much as we do a brand.”
Matches Fashion Buyer: “Each brand needs to display ‘sincerity’.  We want to see  the designers personality come through the collection.  I also like to see the ‘fantasy’  behind the brand.”

What Helps a Collection Sell?

Bergdorf Buyer: “Fashion Bloggers and influencers play a large part in how successful a label will be.  The item of clothing on the right influencer can make an item sell out in a couple of days!”  Also an ‘exclusive’ range  or collaboration just for that retailer –  as there may be many stockists of the brand-  but exclusive styles gives a retailer an edge!”
Matches Fashion Buyer: ” Fashion Influencers such as stylists and instagram bloggers play a major role in selling a collection- even more so then celebrities.  An active social media account from the brand showcasing different ways to style their collection can also help.  High quality images of the collection is a also a must.”

What Season Is The Most Popular in Retail?

Bergdorf Buyer:  “We are seeing the consumer buy less in ‘seasons’  and more on demand. They see it now, and they want it now.  There is less forward planning from the consumer. I think trans-seasonal pieces work the best.  If it can be layered – even better”

La Mode College’s Key Points  You Should Consider as a Designer:

  • Have a strong brand ‘DNA’  and set out to be different from the rest!
  • Make sure you invest in quality photos of your collection
  • Get creative with your photography, and tell a story
  • Make sure your production is on time, and you deliver to the retailer on time!
  • Use Instagram bloggers, fashion bloggers and style influencers to get the word out there about your collection!
  • Meet with the buyers personally if you can
  • Above all- be true to yourself and your brand!
I hope this has given you some golden advice!  Its not every day you get in contact with an international buyer- so its great to hear it directly from the ‘horses mouth’!

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How to get the attention of an international fashion buyer and get your label stocked in shops
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