“How To Start Your Own Successful Fashion Line”- Business Mentoring-Program!

Revealing The Business And Marketing Secrets To Fashion Success!

Start Your Own Fashion Line Business Mentoring Program Online To Start Your Own Label by La Mode College Fashion School

Included In The Course

Online Tutorials, Downloadable Templates + Resources + 12 months fashion mentoring

Course Duration

50 hours of study that can be completed in your own time. Minimum time is 12 weeks- maximum time 12 months. You study when its convenient for you.


No experience is required-  Just a passion for fashion and an eagerness to build a fashion business!

Easy-To-Use, Step-By-Step Program To Make Money

From Your Fashion Designs!! 

Introducing Australia’s Number One…

Start Your Own Fashion Line- Business Course

Including Free Training on How to Start Your Own Online Store!

If You Have Ever Dreamed Of Starting Your Own Fashion Line- Let Us Help You Make It A Reality!

This program is specifically designed to help you successfully launch your own line of clothing or accessories.

Step by Step instructions will be given taking you through the process of building your own fashion brand, getting your designs made with a manufacturer, and then selling your designs to potential store owners, buyers and retail chains.

There are various manufacturing and supplier tutorials, helping you source the right fabric suppliers, and find the right manufacturers.  You will also receive templates for tech packs, quality control checklists, supplier contracts, and order forms.

During the course you will discover how to get international presence for your label and how to setup your website and online store to make sales.

The ‘Start Your Own Fashion Line- Business Course’ includes various marketing tutorials designed to help you market and sell your designs. Resources include PR contact lists, Press Release templates, marketing plans, social media training, and  advice on how to build a large global following of your brand- both online and offline.

If you are struggling with Illustrating or communicating you designs, we provide you with fashion illustration figure templates- to help you quickly and easily professional draw your designs, and develop tech packs.

Individual advice and guidance is given during this program tailored to your requirements.

In This Course You Will Learn




Marketing Strategies


Fashion Business

Quality Control

Online Store Sales

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Students who intend to start their own fashion line or business in the next 12 months

Students who have already started their own label or business and want professional advice and mentoring on making it successful or increasing sales

Students wanting help on where to manufacture their fashion line and need help with contacts

Students who already own their own fashion boutique- but want help on producing  or sourcing their own vertical product to sell with higher margins

Students wanting to learn fashion business and marketing skills

Study From Home At Your Own Pace


Make Your Fashion Collection Come To Life


Course Inclusions

Presented in an easy-to-follow format, this extensive home study course allows you to learn at your own pace and will provide you with the in-depth and yet practical knowledge and tools you need to successfully launch your own fashion line.

This course offers a very sensible and realistic approach to developing your fashion skills, enabling you to conquer the competition and build your retail knowledge, boost your business acumen and give you the skills to select products that sell.

Your Course  Includes…

35 x Online Tutorials

Step-by-step Video Tutorials

Manufacturing Contacts

Downloadable Templates + Fashion Resources

Setting Up a E-commerce Store

Business Plan Templates

Fashion Illustration Templates and Classes

Tech Pack Templates 

Marketing Tutorials

How to Get Your Line Into a Boutique

12 Months Of Fashion Mentoring 

Course Topic Overview

Designing Your Range / Collection (Tutorials 1-8)

Designing Your Range / Collection

  • Fashion illustration 101- How to illustrate your collection professionally ( even if you cant draw!)
  • Finding a niche market for your collection
  • Compiling your collection- ideal number of pieces  to include and range mix
  • Designing best selling items- factors to ensure you have in your collection
  • How to price your designs- for profit
  • Sourcing manufacturers to make your designs ( so you don’t have to sew it yourself)
  • Developing  garment tech packs
  • How to stand out from your competition
Production / Manufacturing (Tutorials 8-15)

Production / Manufacturing

  • Finding trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers (local and international)
  • How to get manufacturers to want to deal with you- and not rip you off
  • How to communicate with manufacturers/ factories when English is their second language
  • The sampling process- as overcoming sampling mishaps
  • The production process- minimum orders, sampling and bulk production
  • Terms and conditions and contracts with your manufacturers
  • How and where to source the best fabric and trims- for wholesale pricing
  • Where to print your own pattern design on fabric  ( sublimation and digital printing)
  • Putting together your tech packs correctly
  • Swing tags, labelling and packaging
  • Importing – dealing with customs agents,  and shipping. ( sea or air?)
Business Goal Setting (Tutorials 16-19)

Business Goal Setting

  • Business plan template for a Fashion / Clothing Line
  • Business planning and goal setting
  • Registering your business name, and website domain names
  • Obtaining funding- best funding programs available for small business owners
  • Government grants 
  • Financial costings- planning how much capital will you need
  • What months you should be releasing your collection
  • Fashion time frames- and lead times
Sales and Marketing (Tutorials 20-31)

Sales and Marketing

  • How to market your fashion line on a shoe string budget
  • Creating your brand and vision
  • Building a low cost but highly effective marketing plan
  • Building your social media channels to promote sales of your collection
  • Writing an effective press release and Media Contacts List
  • How to find stockists
  • How to sell to a fashion buyer ( how to get an appointment, how to prepare for the showing, and how to present.)
  • Creating a range plan and look book  
  • Preparing your order forms and terms and conditions of trade 
  • Strategies for getting traffic to your own website
  • Advanced social media strategies for clothing labels- using pinterest, instagram and facebook.
Online Store / Web Presence (Tutorials 31-35)

Online Store / Web Presence

  • How to set up your own online store and/or website- for under $100
  • Setting up a facebook page, blog, youtube channel, instagram, pinterest 
  • Planning and implementing a social media marketing strategy
  • How to increase your  followers on social media channels
  • Google rules and ranking secrets to getting found online
  • How to increase your sales on your online store
  • Payment gateways to accept payments online from your e-commerce store
Money Management / Profitability (Tutorials 16, 27, 35)

Money Management / Profitability

  • Putting together a sales plan
  • Pre-selling your collection prior to bulk production
  • Costing your collection- raw cost, wholesale cost and retail cost.
  • Selling wholesale  vs selling from your own online store  ( profit margin differences)
  • Budgeting for your sampling process
  • How to double your profit
Creating a Design Range Plan for your fashion label

Our Student Success Isn’t  By Chance, Its By Design

Unlimited Downloads

Download the fashion resources and templates at any time, and watch the class tutorials as many times as you would like. This means you can revisit the subjects you need when you need them.

Student Forums + Support Groups

Get the support you need to stay motivated.  Individual mentoring with a dedicated student advisor to develop your confidence and skills as a designer.  Get the guidance and skills to market your designs, expand your success and grow your income.

Instant Access

We know your a busy #bosslady.   Sign up and start accessing the course materials within 24 hours of enrolling. Wherever you are in the world, log in and access our comprehensive collection of tutorials, videos and documents.

Free Bonus #1: How To Launch Your Online Fashion Store. 

Included in the ‘ Start Your Own Fashion Line- Business Course’ program is dedicated video tutorials and e-classes on helping you successfully launch your own online store for your label. These tutorials focus on how to cost effectively, quickly and professionally  set up your store as well as converting website traffic to paying customers.

Topics Include:

  • How to set up your own online store and/or website- for under $100
  • Registering a domain name and setting up your ecommerce store quickly and professionally
  • Obtaining start-up capital
  • Web development tutorials
  • How to use Shopify + Woo Commerce platforms
  • Planning and implementing a social media marketing strategy
  • How to increase your  followers on social media channels to increase brand awareness
  • Google rules and ranking secrets to getting found online
  • How to increase your sales on your online store
How to start your own online fashion boutique store - short course online

Free Bonus # 2: Manufacturing Contact List

Included in the ‘ Start Your Own Fashion Line- Business Course’ program is a very valuable manufacturing contact list for suppliers to make your own designs. If you have been struggling to find a manufacturer to produce your designs in high quality for a cost effective price- this is a bonus worth the course cost in its self.  The contact list includes manufacturers for all clothing types,  and includes off shore manufacturers in China, India, Australia and Indonesia.

What Our Students Are Saying…

  • “ I have really enjoyed the fashion mentoring program- I've learnt so much and it has answered many questions of mine about starting my own fashion line that not many people are willing to answer or share. I found all the marketing tutorials very helpful! I also found things like order forms fantastic. Those are the tools that most of us don't learn at university. How to set all of that up. It's been an amazing year. My label will be off this summer. I'm wholesaling next month and I am very excited. I'm just currently redesigning my website through prestashop which is lots of fun. So I'm very grateful for the whole experience I will send you pics as soon as I have some!”

    Mahalia Brown
    Mahalia BrownMahalia Brown Designs
  • “Hi La Mode-  I've just joined your program! I'm very excited!  The tutorials I have done so far that I enjoyed the most is how to find a manufacturer  to make my designs, and how to approach retailers to sell my collection"

    Wendy Peeters
    Wendy Peeters
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the program, and only wished I had known all this 18months ago. Some of the lessons I’ve learnt myself through trial and error. There was plenty of tips and tricks that I can use to move my business forward. (I  launched my online store 6 weeks ago!)You had some great tips on cheap marketing which is what I need right now. The YouTube video idea, the Press Release idea, The vertical photo on FB page, the stocking in boutiques as well as direct to customer. I have action all these ideas and would have never thought or known about it otherwise. Thank you!

    Jennie Geisker
    Jennie GeiskerStart Your Own Fashion Line Business Success Program
  • "Annette- Thank you for holding the program- I found it incredibly helpful! The examples when explaining profits and costs for your fashion label was really helpful! You covered everything I wanted to know, and made it relevant to today!”  

    Simone Mohr
    Simone MohrStart Your Own Fashion Line Program
  • “Hey there Annette- I've been going through your 8 steps to becoming a successful fashion designer and I thought I would tell you- you've already broadend my horizons on so much , I really thank you !! You have been such a great help to me – Thanks to you- now I’m ready to send my designs to a manufacturer!” 

    Lenora Gray
    Lenora GrayStart Your Own Fashion Line Program
  • “Annette- Thank-you so much for your valuable mentoring, tutorials and templates! It saved me loads of time, and the marketing tips were priceless! I cant thank-you enough! I am fortunate enough to showcase at Milan Fashion Week next month!!! So excited!!  

    Marlene H Couture
    Marlene H CoutureStart Your Own Fashion Line Program
  • I've been enjoying the course so much and I think it is amazing. I'm still working on my collections and looking for ideas while learning the course which is extremely inspiring and wonderful. The course has definitely enlightened my life and I cant wait to have my own online store in the near future.

    Julia Bai
    Julia Bai
  • Thank you so much for the great feedback and your kind, supportive words, they come really appreciated. I haven't studied in a very long time and I was very relieved at the flexibility of this course and its low cost. I loved the insight on market research and marketing strategies . I have always been so focused on creating that I forgot how important it is to have a target market. Thank-you.

    Nathalie Mercier
    Nathalie Mercier
  • I would like to say a massive thank you for all of your help and all of the classes and information you have provided! It has been a huge help and I have learnt so much! Thanks again I really appreciate it!

    Emma D
    Emma D

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