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La Mode College Reviews

  • “This course helped me get my dream job on the Events Team at one of Sydney’s best wedding Reception Venues! The Qualification looked amazing in my portfolio, and the work experience really helped me build my experience in the industry- which helped me land a job! Thanks so so so much La Mode ! Im living the dream!”

    Stephanie Steigner
    Stephanie SteignerWedding Planning Course Student
  • “ I have really enjoyed the fashion mentoring program- I've learnt so much and it has answered many questions of mine about starting my own fashion line that not many people are willing to answer or share. I found all the marketing tutorials very helpful! I also found things like order forms fantastic. Those are the tools that most of us don't learn at university. How to set all of that up. It's been an amazing year. My label will be off this summer. I'm wholesaling next month and I am very excited. I'm just currently redesigning my website through prestashop which is lots of fun. So I'm very grateful for the whole experience I will send you pics as soon as I have some!”

    Mahalia Brown
    Mahalia BrownMahalia Brown Designs
  • “Hi La Mode-  I've just joined your program! I'm very excited!  The tutorials I have done so far that I enjoyed the most is how to find a manufacturer  to make my designs, and how to approach retailers to sell my collection"

    Wendy Peeters
    Wendy Peeters
  • " I am studying the Wedding Planning Course and I am so excited I just wanted to let you know I already have 2 weddings that have booked me ! Thankyou!"

    Jacqui Stock-Webster
    Jacqui Stock-WebsterWedding Planning Course
  • "To me doing this course was like a dream that is finally starting in real life. An organisation to be able to help during events with wedding but not necessarily weddings, it can be baptism, birthday, parties, New Year's Eve, Christmas and so forth. The gesture, the knowledge of how the opponent thinks and likes, knowing and understanding their ideas, putting things onto paper so they can and visualise what is happening. Organising something nice to see and feel in front of you, cutting cost with an outstanding finish. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it!"

    Tiphaine Lefvre
    Tiphaine LefvreWedding Planning Course
  • "First and foremost, Annette, I just want to say "THANK YOU" so kindly for being such a wonderful, caring, gracious, skill-ful and awesome Fashion DesignTeacher and Mentor. I truly have enjoyed every moment I have had  with you during the program. Words cannot express how "GRATEFUL" I am to have met you as a Fashion Designer Teacher and Mentor. I am so delighted that I did! You will never be forgotten."

    Clothia Jean Roussell
    Clothia Jean RoussellStart Your Own Fashion Line- Business Success Program
  • "Thank you for the feedback on my assignments and do hope to accomplish great things with your help! This course has been brilliant! Thankyou!"

    Merril Terrelonge
    Merril TerrelongeFashion Design Course Student
  • "I have just completed the Wedding Planning Course and I got a job at Victoria Park Wedding Venue in Brisbane on the weddings team!! I'm super happy and excited 🙂  Finally got a paid job in the industry!! Thank-you so so much for your help Annette and the team at  La Mode College!!" Stacey x

    Stacey West
    Stacey WestWedding Planning Course Student
  • Hi La Mode- Thanks you so so much for all the e-classes and modules/templates you have sent through. Just wanted to thank you and let you know how greatly appreciated this is. I can not wait to get started with the hands on work. I have been pretty frantic at work so have only had a chance to keep up with the reading and developing ideas in my head to date! Im loving the course- Thank-you!

    Claudia Catrone
    Claudia CatroneFashion Design Student
  • I completed the Fashion Buying  Course and I was blown away by the support! Im super excited - thanks to this course I got an assistant Fashion Buying Job for a luxury Fashion Store in Dubai!

    Rebecca Eid
    Rebecca EidFashion Buying Course Student
  • "Hi Annette, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for my wedding planning course. I have had it for just over 1 week and have already completed the first 3 assignments and to be honest, I absolutely could not be loving it more! AND to top it off, I am already booked for the planning of two weddings and an engagement party for friends, which i'm using as my own work experience and personal projects. I really cant thank you enough, I cant wait to finish the course to send in my assignments - i'm beyond excited! (If only studying at school was this much fun!)"

    Gemma Forsythe
    Gemma ForsytheWedding Planning Course Student
  • " Hi Annette- I just received the course folder! So pretty and cute! Thank you! Im so excited!"

    Allanah Irvine
    Allanah IrvineWedding Planning Course Student
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the program, and only wished I had known all this 18months ago. Some of the lessons I’ve learnt myself through trial and error. There was plenty of tips and tricks that I can use to move my business forward. (I  launched my online store 6 weeks ago!)You had some great tips on cheap marketing which is what I need right now. The YouTube video idea, the Press Release idea, The vertical photo on FB page, the stocking in boutiques as well as direct to customer. I have action all these ideas and would have never thought or known about it otherwise. Thank you!

    Jennie Geisker
    Jennie GeiskerStart Your Own Fashion Line Business Success Program
  • “I was really happy to have attended the fashion webinar you put on for the students. I found it very complete. I think what I liked the most was the way your presented the whole thing as a process with its main steps to be done in a clear order. Moreover, I think that you have very good presentation skills. I am definitely looking forward for another workshop by you!”  

    William Dalban
    William DalbanFashion Design Student
  • "Hi La Mode College- I cant thank-you enough! I have learnt a lot so far and found the course
    the most beneficial and rewarding one ever!! Thankyou!"

    Sara Gholami
    Sara GholamiFashion Design Student
  • "Annette- Thank you for holding the program- I found it incredibly helpful! The examples when explaining profits and costs for your fashion label was really helpful! You covered everything I wanted to know, and made it relevant to today!”  

    Simone Mohr
    Simone MohrStart Your Own Fashion Line Program
  • "I just loved the fashion program- it was one of the best I've been done. I found the way you went through everything to be very basic and simple even for people who haven't studied would have easily understood what you were talking about, which is commendable!”

    Mya Brown
    Mya BrownFashion Design Student
  • “The education you are providing is in-valuable!!  It is worth a college education, even much better!”  

    Debbie Wolf
    Debbie WolfFashion Design Student
  • “Hi Annette, Thank you so much for all your helpful advice, I really appreciate it. That has been a huge help as I was unsure how to go about setting up my own fashion label and online store, but your advice has given me the confidence to be able to contact fashion labels directly. I'm still working through the course material and the eclasses but I'm finding them so inspirational - thank you 🙂 Thanks again for all your help and for taking the time to respond to my questions!

    Aisling Canty
    Aisling CantyStart Your Own Fashion Line Program
  • “Hey there Annette- I've been going through your 8 steps to becoming a successful fashion designer and I thought I would tell you- you've already broadend my horizons on so much , I really thank you !! You have been such a great help to me – Thanks to you- now I’m ready to send my designs to a manufacturer!” 

    Lenora Gray
    Lenora GrayStart Your Own Fashion Line Program
  • “Annette- Thank-you so much for your valuable mentoring, tutorials and templates! It saved me loads of time, and the marketing tips were priceless! I cant thank-you enough! I am fortunate enough to showcase at Milan Fashion Week next month!!! So excited!!  

    Marlene H Couture
    Marlene H CoutureStart Your Own Fashion Line Program
  • “The course has helped me understand the role of a fashion buyer. I have learnt that a professional fashion buyer has the ability to forecast trends and is capable of predicting what styles to buy for a store.  Also have a commercial eye. I enjoyed completing the last assignment!”  

    Jen Satkunam
    Jen SatkunamFashion Buying Course Student
  • " Thank-you so much! The information in the wedding planning course is always so informative and inspiring. La Mode has always been fantastic with everything especially with help in getting contact within the industry. I would just like to say thank-you!"

    Kat Foster
    Kat FosterWedding Planning Course Student
  • " I just wanted to let you know that my pack has arrived and it is beautiful! I instantly fell in love with it! I spent all weekend looking through it! Thank-you again for everything- you have been amazing!"

    Leena Dixon
    Leena DixonWedding Planning Course Student
  • "I loved this wedding planning course! The work experience was very beneficial to me- as I got to see and feel what was involved in a wedding first hand. I learnt that its not just your ideas you need to work with but a variety of other peoples as well. This course has opened my mind to a quiver of opportunities I didn't anticipate!"

    Karissa Stewart
    Karissa StewartWedding Planning Course Student
  • "The Wedding Planning Course that La Mode College offers is by far the best course available! I highly reccommend it to anyone who is looking at getting into a field that they are so passionate about! I got full support when ever I needed it, and the assessment gave me a real world feel of planning weddings!  I absolutely loved it!"

    Melissa Tabet
    Melissa TabetWedding Planning Course Student
  • " I'd like to thank-you for the course materials provided in the program- it helped me plan my own overseas wedding- something I can use for my portfolio! I found the course very useful- especially how to deal with wedding suppliers and vendors!"

    Maria L Stephanie
    Maria L StephanieWedding Planning Course Student
  • "Last week i made a decision to take a different step in my creative journey and help people make the biggest day of their lives, one of the best days of their lives. Really excited to be embarking on this new path and cant wait to see where it leads me.."

    Hayley Nicol
    Hayley NicolWedding Planning Course Student
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