“Certificate in Professional Fashion Styling”

Live your passion and develop your fashion talent.  Learn how to turn  your passion for fashion and style into a paying career path with our Certificate in Professional Fashion Styling.

Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling Course Become a Fashion Stylist by La Mode College

Included In The Course

Online Tutorials, Downloadable Templates + Resources +  Fashion Mentoring

Course Duration

30 hours of study that can be completed in your own time. Minimum time is 12 weeks- maximum time 12 months. You study when its convenient for you.


No experience is required-  Just a passion for fashion and putting together looks!

Start Your Journey As A Professional Fashion Stylist

Introducing Australia’s Number One…

Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling

Including Celebrity Fashion Styling


Welcome To The World Of Fashion Styling

Daydreaming during your 9-5 about how you’re going to break into the world of Fashion Styling?

Shot a few of your own shoots, but have no real strategy or knowledge about how to turn that into a profitable career?

Dream of dressing Celebs for global Red Carpet events but have no idea how to go about it?

The Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling will not only educate you in the basics of fashion styling,  but  you will also get you behind the scenes of how a leading edge well known professional fashion stylist- ‘Amber Renae’ conducts a Celebrity Fitting, a Wardrobe Audit and a Personal Shopping consult!

Interactive and fun video tutorials will teach you all the safe guarded secrets of the fashion stylist world, and break down the step by step process you need to follow to start getting paying fashion jobs, fashion bloggers messaging you and  big name brands calling you  and celebrity client gigs!

In This Course You Will Learn

Trend Forecasting

Editorial Styling

Colour Analysis

Celebrity Styling

Body Shapes

Folio Presentation

Personal Styling

Business + Jobs

Who The Course Is For

Fashion Styling Course Australia Study Online Fashion School
This fashion course has been designed for fashion enthusiasts and anyone who wants to start a fashion career as a fashion stylist, personal stylist, personal shopper, colour consultant or wardrobe stylist.

As a fashion stylist, you will style with many clients who will need your help finding the right styles for their body shape and lifestyle. You could also work with brands to help them run stylish workshops, present new collections, train their team and so much more. Start your career with our straightforward introductory fashion course which will teach the core skills you need to succeed as a fashion stylist. Take a look at what you will learn with the modules below.

La Mode’s  ‘Certificate in Professional Fashion Styling ’ is a fast track program designed to teach the key skills that are required to become a working fashion stylist, and equip you with all the knowledge needed to land your dream job in the industry!

Course Topics

Fashion Styling:  The Low Down

  • Learn how to style different body shapes
  • Learn how to advice your clients on style for their body shape
  • Learn how to identify the right colours for a client
  • Learn to advice your clients on colours that suit them best
  • Learn how to market yourself in the fashion industry
  • Learn how to get more experienced and get noticed
  • Learn how to generate more business
  • Learn the endless business opportunities of working in fashion

Fashion Styling:  Obtaining Clients and Working with Fashion Agencies

  • How to get consistent paid jobs, and when its a good idea to do work experience or assist
  • How to approach potential clients and photographers and what strategies you can use to strengthen those relationships
  • How to be a superstar networker and get your work published and in front of agencies and brands
  • The marketing and PR strategies to book dream clients and get repeat business

Successful Fashion Styling- Setting Yourself  Apart from the Competition

  • The difference between the 6 Main types of styling, the skills required for each, the expected rates of pay and more importantly how to get started today!
  • Important terminology that need to understand
  • The MUST-KNOW resources that will get you up and running quicker than your competition
  • The secret marketing technique that I use to make me memorable
  • How to create a website with the ‘WOW’ factor for under $100!
  • How to get networked and start earning $ quickly
  • How to quickly secure a killer internship

Study From Home At Your Own Pace



Learn From A Professional Celebrity Fashion Stylist And Style Editor

La Mode College is honoured to collaborate with celebrated professional fashion stylist Amber Renae to bring you this coveted program.

A celebrated style icon, Amber has been recognised with her appointment to the board of the inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, was selected to discuss ‘Innovation in Fashion’ with the Australian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, and featured in the second series of the highly successful Arena TV production of Project Runway Australia.

This phenomenal success led to her appointments as Fashion Editor for Australian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, the resident stylist for Australia’s largest media network, Southern Cross Austereo, and her role as the resident fashion presenter on Foxtel’s Fashion TV where she has interviewed leading international designers and celebrities including Andie MacDowell, Melissa George, Mel B, Megan Gale, Alex Perry, Camilla and Marc, and Dion Lee.

Celebrity-wise, Amber has styled clients including Michelle Bridges, Firass Dirani, and Deborah Mailman for red carpet events such as The Cannes Film Festival, the TV Week Logie Awards, the AACTA Awards, the GQ Man of the Year Awards and the IF Awards.

Amber brings a industry background second to none to give you the latest cutting edge education in Professional Fashion Styling- whether it be personal or celebrity styling, wardrobe consulting, advertorial or editorial she has the expertise and industry shortcuts to help you achieve  your wildest career goals!

La Mode College Fashion Design Courses Online

Course Inclusions

Presented in an easy-to-follow format, this extensive home study course allows you to learn at your own pace and will provide you with the in-depth and yet practical knowledge and tools you need to begin  a successful career as a professional fashion stylist or assistant stylist. 

This course offers a very sensible and realistic approach to developing your fashion skills, enabling you to conquer the competition and build your retail knowledge, boost your business acumen and give you the skills to obtain personal and commercial styling work.

22 x Online Tutorials

Fashion Colour Analysis Kit

Downloadable Templates + Fashion Resources

Exclusive  Alumni Group Access

Portfolio Building Online Mini Course

Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling

Course Topic Overview

Tutorial Topics 1-3: The Fashion Styling Industry (6 Types of Fashion Styling)

The Fashion Styling Industry

Learn the required skills, expected pay and how to get started in The 6 Types of Styling:

+ ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: The Advantages vs the Disadvantages to studying fashion

+ SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Discover the essential skills needed to make it as a Stylist

+ JOB SPECIFICATION: Where you’ll work/expected hours

+ TERMINOLOGY: Industry terms you’ll need to use everyday to be knowledgable and communicate with your peers







+ STYLIST KIT: The key must-haves as well as a few extras that will win friends!

+ FOLIO PRESENTATION: How to best display your work in order to get you more work 

+ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES : These are essential for every stylist and accessible to you year-round

Tutorial Topics 4-6: Internships, Sourcing Products, On The Job Styling Hacks

Internships + Sourcing Products + On the Job Styling Hacks

+ INTERNSHIPS: Learn how to secure one immediately 

+ HOW TO SOURCE PRODUCTS: Ingenious methods for sourcing designer product 

+ MUST-KNOW TIPS: Advice to get you started as a stylist this week!


+ ADVICE FOR AN ASPIRING STYLIST: Some extra tips to get you to the top! 

+ WHAT HAPPENS NOW?  Lets get you out there and working!

+ EXERCISE: How to Steam Clothes (Yes there is a whole lecture on this!) 

+ EXERCISE : How to Tape Shoes (the most efficient way!) 

+ SECRET VIDEO: For your inspiration only

Fashion Buying Course Online by La Mode College Fashion School
Tutorial Topics 7-9: Client Analysis / Colour Analysis / Body Shape Analysis

Client Analysis / Colour Analysis / Body Shape Analysis

+ TERMINOLOGY: The terms that will help you sound intelligent and as though you’ve been doing this for years 

+ PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: Learn about the power of transformation

+ BODYSHAPE ANALYSIS: Introduction to my diagnostic tool, examples of the 6 body types and how to accurately diagnose any client 

+ SKINTONE ANALYSIS: Introduction to my diagnostic tool, examples of the 4 skin types and how to accurately diagnose any client



Colour analysis Fashion Stylist
Tutorial Topics 10-12 : Client Consultations / Fittings / Styling Training

Client Consultations / Fittings / On The Job Styling Training

What To Do On The Job 

+ HOW TO CONDUCT A SHOPPING CONSULTATION: PERSONAL CLIENT: Step by step, hand holding, from the minute I meet a client to the very end.

+ HOW TO CONDUCT A FITTING: CELEBRITY CLIENT: step by step, hand holding, from the minute I meet a client to the very end.

+ HOW TO CONDUCT A WARDROBE CONSULTATION: step by step, from the minute I knock on a clients door to the very end. 

+ ACCESSORIES: When is just enough, too much

+ AGE APPROPRIATENESS: The One Question you’ll get asked all the time and how to handle it 

+ FABRICS AND THEIR CARE: The Importance of Understanding Fabric Properties 


Finding Work & The Business Side 


+ STORE DISCOUNTS: How to arrange a discount with almost any store

+ SIGNING WITH AN AGENCY: The advantages and disadvantages

+ PRICING AND GETTING PAID: How to easily get on top of all financials now

how to start a successful fashion line
Tutorial Topics 13-14: Developing Your Fashion Styling Skills

Developing Your Fashion Styling Skills

+ What separates the Good From The Great 

+ The Best and the Worst Parts 

+ What Happens Now?! Lets get you started




Tutorial Topics 15-22 : Editorial + Advertorial Styling Masterclasses

 Editorial + Advertorial Styling Masterclasses

+ INTRODUCTION: How To Be a Leading Fashion/Advertising Stylist

+ JOBS YOU’LL BE SHOOTING: The Many Different Jobs You’ll Get to Work on

+ TERMINOLOGY AND ROLES: Understand the Hierarchy Within the Industry

+ How Does a Photoshoot Come Together: An Introduction

+ Pre-Production Meetings: Everything you’ll need to cover off before your shoot

+ Planning a Coherent Theme: How to Ensure Your Looks All Work Together

+ Model Casting: What to Look Out For and How to Present Selects to Your Client

+ Reconnaissance: What to Look Out for and How to Choose the Best Location

+ Sourcing Products: An In-depth Look at Loaning, Hiring and Purchasing Goods

+ Working with Public Relations: Everything You Need to Know Before Approaching a PR

+ Tips for Sourcing Product: Must-Know Tips to Make Your Life Easier

+ On Set Management: The Many Different Aspects to Manage on a Shoot

+ After the Shoot: How to Solidify Relationships and Protect Yourself from Upset

+ How Does a Photoshoot Come Together: Conclusion

+ Building a Folio: Discover and Develop Your Styling Niche 

+ How to Get an Editorial or an Advertising Job 

+ Signing with an Agency: The Advantages vs the Disadvantages

+ Getting Paid: The Credit Terms You Must Know if You Want to Get Paid

+ Business Management: Branding and Business Structure

Fashion Styling Course Online Study to become a Professional Fashion Stylist

Free Bonus #1: Celebrity Fashion Styling

Learn how to get your first celebrity client.  Amber Renae will show you exactly how she does it, and give you the strategy to quickly get a name for yourself in the industry.  Dressing and styling a celebrity isn’t as hard as you think- and we will show you why!  We will also show you exactly how to prepare yourself so that no mistakes are made and you get it right the first time!
Become a Celebrity Fashion Stylist Course La Mode College Amber Renae

Free Bonus # 2: Colour Analysis Kit

This is the most comprehensive kit that you will find anywhere that accurately diagnoses skin tones. 

In it you’ll learn: 

+ Fool-proof method to accurately diagnose a client’s tone between the four seasonal shades 

+ The best and worst colours for the 4 different skin tones

Colour analysis Fashion Stylist

Free Bonus # 3: Build Your Fashion Portfolio

Your fashion portfolio is one of the most critical pieces of work that you will need to earn your stars in the fashion industry. We will teach you the exact steps to produce a high quality styling portfolio within one week of completing this course!  We will give you high quality templates, step by step instructions, and hot tips for doing it on a budget!
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Unlimited Downloads

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Student Forums + Support Groups

Get the support you need to stay motivated.  Individual mentoring with a dedicated student advisor to develop your confidence and skills as a designer.  Get the guidance and skills to market your designs, expand your success and grow your income.

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