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Live your passion and develop your fashion talent.  Learn how to turn  your ideas into fashion reality with our Certificate in Professional Fashion Design.
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Included In The Course

Physical Course Manual + Online Tutorials, Downloadable Templates + Resources + 12 months fashion mentoring + Qualification

Course Duration

50 hours of study that can be completed in your own time. Minimum time is 12 weeks- maximum time 12 months. You study when its convenient for you.


No experience is required-  Just a passion for fashion and an eagerness to learn!

“Discover The Secret To Having A Successful Career As A Fashion Designer”

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Fast Track Fashion Design Course

Including Free Fashion Illustration Templates + Tutorials To Help You Illustrate Your Designs Professionally

Do You Have a Passion For Fashion?

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Do you want to be at the forefront of the fashion industry?  Do you want to impress your future employers with your industry knowledge? The Certificate of Professional Fashion Design and Product development is the way to your success in the industry.

Whether it be designing and marketing your own label, or working as a designer or product developer for a large fashion company, learn everything you need to know to build your portfolio and extend your knowledge of the commercial fashion design market to get your competitive edge. If you are interested in design and want to be able to express your creative talents, this program will teach you the basic fundamentals of successful design, and how to market them to a particular target market.

In This Course You Will Learn


Garment Manufacture

Illustration Skills

Print Development

Tech Packs

Sizing + Grading

Range Development

Fabric Selection

Study From Home At Your Own Pace


Get Qualified In As Little As 12 Weeks



Study Pack + Course Materials

Presented in an easy-to-follow format, the extensive home study course allows you to learn at your own pace and will provide you with the in-depth and yet practical knowledge and tools you need to begin  a successful career as a professional fashion designer. 

This course offers a very sensible and realistic approach to developing your fashion skills, enabling you to do so quickly and easily,  so that even if you are on a limited budget you can successfully enter this field and enjoy the satisfaction and personal rewards which come with a designing clothing or accessories for the general public.


Your Course Pack Includes…

Physical Course Manual

Online Course Access- Unique Student Portal

10 x Online Tutorials

Instructional Videos You Can Watch At Any Time

Fashion Illustration Templates

Downloadable Fashion Resources

Adobe Illustrator Presets- Preloaded Garment Templates, Trims And Fabrics- To Help You Illustrate Your Designs Professionally

Student Forum

12 Months Of  Student Support + Fashion Mentoring by Professional In The Industry

Qualification Certificate of Professional Fashion Design

Course Manual Topics


Course Manual Sample Including Downloadable Templates

Part 1: Preparing For Success In The Industry

  • Introduction to the world of fashion
  • Wholesale and retail fashion: what’s the difference?
  • The evolution of fashion: the fashion cycle: why some trends disappear faster than others
  • Where trends come from: and how to predict the trends
  • The history of fashion: why does history repeat in fashion?
  • Careers in fashion- how to get the job you want!

Part 2: Developing Winning Design Skills

  • How to successfully design a clothing range
  • Couture vs. Ready to Wear:  which one is for you?
  • Range building: how you can build a successful range of clothing that sells!
  • How to get your line picked up by a fashion boutique or large retailer
  • The design phase: design considerations : what you must know when designing your range
  • Fashion forecasting: how to be in ‘style’ at the right moment!
  • The fashion calendar:  what trade shows are on and where?
  • How to find your successful money making niche

Part 3: Starting Your Own Successful Fashion Line

  • How to start your own fashion label- successfully!
  • 8 steps to starting a business
  • Raising start up capital- how to get the loan for starting your range..
  • Tips for success + government grants
  • How to sell your clothing range to  a fashion buyer
  • What you need to know before you go into business!

Online Tutorial Topics

Tutorial 1: Identifying a Niche Market

Unit 1: Identifying a Niche Market

  • How to design clothes people want to wear
  • Who will buy your designs
  • Designing for a target audience
  • Determining your niche market
identify a niche market for your fashion designs
Tutorial 2: Creating A Design Range Plan

Unit 2: Creating a Design Range Plan

  • Why a ‘Range Plan’ is the key to your success
  • How much to sell your designs for
  • How large your collection should be
  • How many pieces you should design
  • Top trend forecasting websites- both free and paid
  • How to collate a mood board for  your range
  • How to select the right colours for each season
Creating a Design Range Plan for your fashion label
Tutorial 3: Fashion Sketching- Illustrating Your Design By Hand

Unit 3: Fashion Sketching- Illustrating Your Design By Hand 

  • How to get your drawing skills up to commercial standards
  • How to communicate your designs clearly
  • How to quickly and professional draw your designs in minutes
  • Downloadable fashion figure templates (ladieswear, menswear and childrenswear)
Tutorial 4: Fashion Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator

Unit 4: Fashion  Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator

  • How to draw a ‘trade sketch’ or ‘spec drawing’ of your design using Adobe Illustrator
  • Why your need a ‘spec’ and ‘trade’ drawing for each of your designs
  • The crucial garment construction details  you need to have in your trade drawings and how to illustrate them
creating a fashion tech pack
Tutorial 5: Advanced Illustrator Skills

Unit 5: Advanced Illustrator Skills

  • How to turn your black and white sketch into designs with colour and texture
  • How to use ‘brushes’ to easily draw ruffles, pintucking, pleats, zips, lace, stitching and more
  • How to use ‘swatches’  to easily fill in your designs with fabric images  that are realistic
  • Downloadable ‘cheat sheet’  of  illustrator templates
How to draw fashion in adobe illustrator
Tutorial 6: Teck Packs- Part 1

Unit 6: Teck Packs- Part 1

  • In this tutorial you will learn about ‘Tech Packs’ and how they are used to give your manufacturer or supplier details about your individual design, and how you would like them to make it.  This tutorial will give you a downloadable tech pack template to use and a video tutorial on how to complete the main documentation of  your designs correctly.
La Mode College - How to do a Fashion Spec Sheet
Tutorial 7: Teck Packs- Part 2

Unit 7: Teck Packs- Part 2

  • How to measure your garments correctly
  • Sizing and grading rules for your collection
  • Communicating the fit of your designs to your tailor/ manufacturer / supplier
  • Sizing and measurement downloadable template
Tutorial 8: Fabric Printing

Unit 8: Fabric Printing

  • How to design your own unique print
  • Yardage prints vs placement prints- whats the difference
  • Top websites that have downloadable artwork you can use to customise  for your range 
  • How to create your own  unique artwork
  • Preparing your artwork for printing on fabric
  • Fabric printers- contact list
Tutorial 9: Fabric Selection

Unit 9: Fabric Selection

  • Fabric types and how to select the best fabric for your designs
  • Fabric compositions- and the suitability of each fabric to different clothing types
  • Knowing your natural fibres from synthetic fibres
  • Fabric swatch cards
  • Wholesale fabric suppliers
Tutorial 10: Pattern Making + Sampling (Getting Your Designs Made)

Unit 10: Pattern Making + Sampling

  • How to source and use pattern makers
  • Sizing- what sizing you should use for your collection
  • Standard sizing chart
  • How to hire a Pattern Maker or Sample Machinist
  • Contact lists
Fashion Mentoring + Support

Fashion Mentoring + Support

  • Full support  by a fashion industry specialist 
  • Ask as many questions as you like about the course, your collection, or the fashion industry
  • Mentoring available by phone or email
  • Get valuable feedback on your designs / your collection


  • On successful completion of the course, you will obtain a Certificate of Professional Fashion Design. This certificate will be mailed to you after you have successfully completed the assignments in the program. Use this certificate in your portfolio to show future clients, and list it on your resume or CV to show future employers.

Our Student Success Isn’t  By Chance, Its By Design

Unlimited Downloads

Download the fashion resources and templates at any time, and watch the class tutorials as many times as you would like. This means you can revisit the subjects you need when you need them.

Student Forums + Support Groups

Get the support you need to stay motivated.  Individual mentoring with a dedicated student advisor to develop your confidence and skills as a designer.  Get the guidance and skills to market your designs, expand your success and grow your income.

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We know your a busy #bosslady.   Sign up and start accessing the course materials within 24 hours of enrolling. Wherever you are in the world, log in and access our comprehensive collection of tutorials, videos and documents.

FREE Bonus Course: Digital Fashion Illustration. Build Your Portfolio And Expand Your Skills (Value $150- free when you enrol in Certificate of Professional Fashion Design.)

Expand your portfolio to include advanced digital fashion illustrations.  Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to render first class fashion illustrations that will impress future employers. Use these skills to build a truely impressive fashion portfolio , or simply use your new found talents to create beautiful images you can frame or sell.

What Our Students Are Saying…

  • Hi La Mode- Thanks you so so much for all the e-classes and modules/templates you have sent through. Just wanted to thank you and let you know how greatly appreciated this is. I can not wait to get started with the hands on work. I have been pretty frantic at work so have only had a chance to keep up with the reading and developing ideas in my head to date! Im loving the course- Thank-you!

    Claudia Catrone
    Claudia CatroneFashion Design Student
  • "Hi La Mode College- I cant thank-you enough! I have learnt a lot so far and found the course
    the most beneficial and rewarding one ever!! Thankyou!"

    Sara Gholami
    Sara GholamiFashion Design Student
  • "I just loved the fashion program- it was one of the best I've been done. I found the way you went through everything to be very basic and simple even for people who haven't studied would have easily understood what you were talking about, which is commendable!”

    Mya Brown
    Mya BrownFashion Design Student
  • “The education you are providing is in-valuable!!  It is worth a college education, even much better!”  

    Debbie Wolf
    Debbie WolfFashion Design Student
  • “Hey there Annette- I've been going through your 8 steps to becoming a successful fashion designer and I thought I would tell you- you've already broadend my horizons on so much , I really thank you !! You have been such a great help to me – Thanks to you- now I’m ready to send my designs to a manufacturer!” 

    Lenora Gray
    Lenora GrayStart Your Own Fashion Line Program

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Online Tutorials + Physical Course Materials

Student Forums + Support Groups

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Unlimited Support by Industry Professionals

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